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About this project

We have been playing Warhammer CE for some time now. Unfortunately there was no program for the creation of armelists for a very long time. With the ArmyCreator, this program now exists. Build your army lists at a breathtaking speed. ArmyCreator supports you in the calculation of the points (including Nx factor) and gives hints when site rules were disregarded. The generated armelists can easily be printed out, saved as HTML files or as text files. Updates (both the ArmyCreators itself and the data files) can be done with a few mouse clicks directly on the program.

There is another program for the ArmyCreator. It gives you the possibility to easily create data files for the ArmyCreator or modify existing ones. Through the DataCreator no one has to pay attention to the XML structure of the data files, they can be easily generated and modified in a uniform interface. Like the ArmyCreator, the DataCreator also includes an update function.

The DataCreator is also included in the ArmyCreator package. The DataCreator can also be downloaded additionally.

The ArmyCreator is completely free and will continue to be a non-commercial project.

If you would like to help the ArmyCreator project, please post any errors found in support forums as well as suggestions for improvement and tell your friends of WarhammerCE and the ArmyCreator. This project depends on your support and feedback.

In the download area you will also find a link to the current WarhammerCE rules.

Required for running ArmyCreator and DataCreator is an installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8+.
You can download Java 8 from this link.
With installed Java 8 you can run ArmyCreator and DataCreator under many operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, ...).


27.03.2019Dark Elves5.02Added shield option to unit Repeater Crossbowmen
11.03.2019ArmyCreator2.75Added checks for count of lords and BSB, added CloudMail interface
30.01.2019ArmyCreator2.74Bugfixes for CloudUpload and HTTPS support for update download
15.01.2019ArmyCreator2.73Smaller improvements for MacOS
15.01.2019DataCreator2.07New checks for datafiles and smaller improvements
04.01.2019ArmyCreator2.72Options which does not exist are removed on roster loading
01.01.2019Datafiles5.XXDatafiles for LRB 1.05 have been released
11.10.2018ArmyCreator2.71Bugfixes, Speedups, Automatic update check on startup
28.08.2018ArmyCreator2.70Bugfix for (c) items and wizard unit/character upgrades
26.07.2018ArmyCreator2.69New update mechanism and mask for program updates
23.07.2018ArmyCreator2.68HTML normalized for multiple browsers
18.07.2018ArmyCreator2.67New features added to HTML roster (make it more interactive)
16.07.2018ArmyCreator2.66Added HTML click description for units general items
30.04.2018ArmyCreator2.65Undo and backup function added
25.04.2018ArmyCreator2.64Automatic error check now also includes the army general
23.04.2018ArmyCreator2.63Check of forbidden multiple item usage has been improved
20.04.2018ArmyCreator2.62Added configuration setting logErrors to config.properties file)
09.02.2018ArmyCreator2.61Added buttons for copy cloud links (view/download)
... see history for more ...



Army Version LRB Version Language Date
Araby v5.01 1.05 ENG 2018/12/30 13:47:06
Beasts of Chaos v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/01/15 13:45:54
Bretonnia v5.01 1.05 ENG 2018/12/29 15:29:48
Chaos Dwarfs v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 19:18:37
Trinity of Chaos v5.05 1.05 ENG 2019/01/15 13:49:53
Dark Elves v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/04/02 16:17:35
Deamons of Chaos v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/01/15 13:41:21
Dogs of War v5.01 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 01:19:43
Dwarfs v5.01 1.05 ENG 2018/12/29 18:58:18
The Empire v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 20:37:22
General items v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/01/15 14:13:48
High Elves v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/02/10 21:09:07
Kislev v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 20:47:58
Lizardmen v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 21:01:05
Norse v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/01/15 13:59:07
Ogre Kingdoms v5.02 1.05 ENG 2019/01/01 01:09:14
Orks and Goblins v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 17:10:05
Skaven v5.03 1.05 ENG 2019/01/15 14:00:08
Slayercult v0.31 none ENG 2018/12/29 11:03:44
Tomb Kings v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 21:34:27
Vampire Counts v5.02 1.05 ENG 2018/12/31 16:30:39
Warriors of Chaos v5.04 1.05 ENG 2019/01/02 22:12:34
Wood Elves v5.01 1.05 ENG 2018/12/29 21:53:09



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