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Welcome to the army creator world for tabletop army lists. The ArmyCreator is a complete toolkit for army list generation and administration. It consists of the actual Click & Play army list generator ArmyCreator, the DataCreator a tool for creating data files for almost any tabletop game and the CreatorCloud for convenient online management of army lists. All tools are easy to use and fully integrated. With the ArmyCreator the creation of army lists is just a matter of minutes. It calculates all math for you and allows you to quickly experiment with new ideas and approaches. After you finished your roster you can easily print it out or upload it to the CreatorCloud which allows you to watch and share your lists wherever you want (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Forums, …). Generated HTML roster are interactive and you can get all information you need for your gameplay at a fingertip. Rosters can be exported to HTML, text and BBcode.

The ArmyCreator is completely free and will continue to be a non-commercial project.

ArmyCreator was firstly created in 2016 for WarhammerCE but today it is not bound to a specific game system. Please feel free to create own datafiles for your game systems. If you want to share your datafile with others send them via email to and we will put them on the update server that everyone can download and use them.

As an example for non-WHCE game systems 16 datafiles for T9A have been created. They are a part of the normal ArmyCreator distribution. Please feel free to create datafiles for other T9A armies or other gaming systems (it would be great if you share them with the community).

If you would like to help the ArmyCreator project, please post any errors found in support forums as well as suggestions for improvement and tell your friends of WarhammerCE and the ArmyCreator. This project depends on your support and feedback.

In the download area you will also find a link to the current WarhammerCE rules.

Required for running ArmyCreator and DataCreator is an installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8+.
You can download Java 8 from this link.
With installed Java 8 you can run ArmyCreator and DataCreator under many operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, ...).

Important: Java 11+ is not recommended but if you want to use ArmyCreator with Java 11+ please be aware of the following notice: Java 11+ has lost its JavaFX-components which are used by ArmyCreator for displaying html rosters. If you want to use this functionality please use Java 8, 9 or 10. Without JavaFX you only see a save file dialog if you select the “Create HTML file” button (and not the html preview page). After saving you need to open the html file on your web browser to see its content.


16.10.2020ArmyCreator3.26Smaller bugfixes and Cloud opened for T9A
28.07.2020ArmyCreator3.24New error notification window and system tray icon
20.07.2020ArmyCreator3.23Add new rule options and datafiles updated
20.07.2020DataCreator3.23Added new selectable rules
08.06.2020ArmyCreator3.22Print unit category in HTML roster (after unitname)
29.05.2020ArmyCreator3.21Fixed one bug in mount cost calculation
12.02.2020ArmyCreator3.20New rules, bugfixes and optical stuff
10.02.2020ArmyCreator3.19Added new datafile rules
05.02.2020ArmyCreator3.18Live rulebased checks during option selection
03.02.2020ArmyCreator3.15Bugfixes for MacOS
03.02.2020DataCreator3.15Bugfixes for MacOS
31.01.2020ArmyCreator3.14Minor bugfixes
30.01.2020ArmyCreator3.13Add OR option to datafile based rules
27.01.2020ArmyCreator3.12Bugfix for -XXX messages on startup
23.01.2020ArmyCreator3.11Many bugfixes and new datafile rules implemented
... see history for more ...



Army Version LRB Version Language Date
Araby v6.05 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 12:20:35
Beasts of Chaos v6.05 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 12:21:47
Bretonnia v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 08:43:06
Chaos Dwarfs v6.03 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 08:43:06
Trinity of Chaos v6.05 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 12:23:39
Dark Elves v6.05 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 08:43:06
Deamons of Chaos v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 10:25:28
Dogs of War v6.03 1.06 ENG 2020/07/22 12:05:47
Dwarfs v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/07/10 15:39:03
The Empire v6.03 1.06 ENG 2020/07/10 15:39:03
General items v6.04 1.06 ENG 2020/07/21 08:30:47
T9A General Items and Rules v1.20 2.0 ENG 2020/07/20 09:55:55
High Elves v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 08:43:06
Kislev v6.03 1.06 ENG 2020/07/22 12:08:35
Lizardmen v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:36
Norse v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:36
Ogre Kingdoms v6.02 1.06 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:36
Orks and Goblins v6.06 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 12:39:46
Skaven v6.01 1.06 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:36
Slayercult v0.33 none ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:36
T9A Beast Herds v1.03 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:36
T9A Deamon Legions v1.01 2020 ENG 2020/07/10 15:39:03
T9A Dread Elves v1.09 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Dwarven Holds v1.11 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Empire of Sonnstahl v1.19 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Highborn Elves v1.12 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Infernal Dwarves v1.02 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Kingdom of Equitaine v1.11 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Ogre Kahns v1.16 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Orcs and Goblins v1.09 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Saurian Ancients v1.12 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Sylvan Elves v1.07 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A The Vermin Swarm v1.05 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Undying Dynasties v1.05 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Vampire Covenant v1.11 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
T9A Warriors o.t. Dark Gods v1.03 2020 ENG 2020/03/02 15:38:37
Tomb Kings v6.04 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 08:43:06
Vampire Counts v6.03 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 08:43:06
Warriors of Chaos v6.05 1.06 ENG 2020/07/20 12:23:33
Wood Elves v6.03 1.06 ENG 2020/07/10 15:39:04



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